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High School of A&D Alumni Association Mission Statement Success Story


The New York City special school, the High School of Art & Design, has been in existence for over 75 years. Its alumni are numerous and include many famous artists and designers. However, its alumni association was not drawing in new members regardless of the programs offered. What was needed was a mission statement that could inspire commitment and motivate support on the part of people (alumni and other interested individuals) who share the Association's concerns. 

Readers of the mission statement would come from diverse cohorts. Some would be alumni, others not alumni would be those who supported the schoolís goal of a good art education. They would want to know what the association does, its purpose, how it serves the community of current students, and the role each could play in keeping the school a vital part of the educational system. It had to concisely express the core or unique essence of this organization.

Working with the president, an alumni and a member for over 10 years, talking to other alumni members, and asking questions about make up and goals of the potential readers of the statement, I created a well crafted, high impact mission statement that clarified the associationís identity and direction and could be used as an effective marketing tool.

The mission statement was included in all correspondence to the membership, to potential members, and to those wishing to support the school and the Associationís efforts. A flyer for fundraising was created with the mission statement playing an important part in the request for support. The statement was also posted on the website. These efforts resulted in numerous inquiries about joining the organization and donating to the school.