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Ensemble Travel Group 
 Enhancing Suppliers’ Offers – Success Story

Ensemble Travel Group is a consortium of travel agencies and individual travel agents who join in order to receive specific benefits only available to consortium members. These benefits are geared toward the luxury sector of the travel industry. Ensemble Travel provides its members with a full range of marketing materials, special supplier offers only available to members, online and onsite training, an annual conference, and 3 weekly newsletters. 

The special offers provided by travel industry suppliers (hotels, cruise companies, tour companies, and other specialties) were one of the most important benefits to the membership. Members used these offers as selling points and to differentiate themselves from other travel agencies. The newsletters were originally created as a vehicle to disseminate on a weekly basis these spectacular offers.

The offers themselves might have been spectacular but the format that we received them in lacked luster and draw. Some were just email text, others were word documents poorly written, some had great offers and no graphics to visually explain the enticement of that offer. In one word, the majority of the communications lacked “pizzazz”!

The solution
As editor of the newsletters, I received feedback that most of our plain vanilla documents relating these offers did not inspire the membership to utilize them. I set out to create easy to read, visually enticing communications. With a background in desktop publishing, it was easy for me to take the content supplied and reformat it into something that was attractive. If there were no graphics, I went to the supplier’s website and downloaded appropriate ones. Even though this did add to my responsibilities, the extra time spent would create something spectacular and enhance the supplier's original offer.

Our membership was delighted in receiving well written, well formatted information with descriptive graphics. They commented that they used it to sell the offers to their customers and were thrilled with this upgrade. The suppliers now received another benefit of being on our preferred supplier list (for which they paid an annual fee). 

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