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    Wellspring of Life Success Story

Wellspring of Life’s wellness coach, Ed Lester, had successfully marketed his services through networking. Desiring to add seminars to his offerings, he discovered a PR outreach program was a necessity in order to reach a broader market for this service. Ed desired to have his message appear in local newspapers as articles and realized he needed to write press releases. His attempts at writing press releases that the media would find interesting failed to result in any press coverage.

I met Ed at a business networking function and he related his frustrations as to the promotion of his seminars. I assured him that he was correct in realizing that press coverage would draw in clients. Good newspaper and magazine articles are an ideal way to alert potential customers of your services. However, reporters must feel a story is of interest to their readers and therefore, an engaging press release is needed to convince them that an article is worth writing.

After a strategy session we decided to partner with a friend of his who had a list of media contacts and I would write the press releases. I attended one of his seminars to understand his service and to develop a voice for the copy. I wrote 2 press releases, one was directed to presenting seminars to corporations, the other to individuals not employees of a corporation. These exciting and informative press releases resulted in an overwhelming response thus filling his seminars to capacity. 

“I find Leona Seufert’s professionalism and writing style superb. Her quick ability to take information about my company and place it into articulate prose has enhanced my image in the coaching and speaking areas. Because of Leona, my business has increased exponentially with each and every press release sent out.” 
Ed Lester, Wellspring of Life, CT