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Writing Services

To Enhance the Effectiveness
Of Your Ministry’s Outreach Efforts

You’re serving the Lord through the written word, so make sure your communications engage your reader.

You understand the importance that a well-crafted sermon plays in reaching the minds and hearts of your listener. Your written communications are a part of your ministry’s outreach and their success also depends upon the ability to engage the reader. We can help you:

·        Enhance your current materials so they get the results YOU want

“When it comes to words, Leona is a true word wizard. She knows how to take poorly written copy and transform it into an error free message that holds the reader’s attention and gets results.” Barbara Wirkus, Curator & Board Member, Les Malamut Art Gallery, Union NJ

·        Extend your outreach efforts by creating new materials, such as a newsletter, a press release, flyer or blog.

 “Leona did an excellent job with our publicity. It was a stress-free pleasure working with her. I’d be happy to have her back on the team again for 2012.” Ann Marie Peterson, St. Anthony’s Italian Feast Coordinator, Roselle Park, NJ.

Read our success story: “How An Innovative Publicity Strategy Increased Revenue for a Church’s Annual Festival

·        Train your staff to use new computer programs to produce materials. Or learn tricks for the ones they are using to produce the materials faster!

“We were planning to launch an e-newsletter but had no experience. Leona came in and guided us through the whole process. She taught our volunteers how to produce a newsletter and write copy that was terse and to the point, and showed us how to keep it simple. Responses to the first mailing were more than what we’d hoped for.” Jane Cohen, Director, Larchmont Tenants’ Association, Larchmont, NY

·        If you are shorthanded or don’t have the time, we can write content for your newsletter, bulletin, Facebook page, blog or website.

Contact Leona beyond-words@att.net or 908-241-5874 for a FREE 30 minute consultation to analyze the effectiveness of your current materials and to discuss your ministry’s outreach needs.


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