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                       Biography of Leona M Seufert


Leona M Seufert is a marketing professional and business writer with over 12 years of experience in corporate, agency, and consulting environments. Her background includes producing corporate collateral, marketing and sales communication materials, website content, speeches, and blogs. She likes to call herself the Word Wizard or the Marketing Magician as she gives business communications a touch of magic to make them effective!


Seufert has worked on projects for Schering-Plough, Bank of NY, and AT&T. She also has served as Marketing VP for the Les Malamut Art Gallery, NJ, PR Coordinator for Church of the Assumption, NJ and newsletter editor for CommQuest, the newsletter of Star Quest consulting, NJ.


Seufert was a regular contributor to the Motheroard, the newsletter of Women in Communications, NYC and her articles have also appeared in numerous other publications. In addition to writing under her own byline she has written articles that have appeared on Internet Websites and corporate intranets.


She also writes poetry and essays and is currently her hometown’s first Poet Laureate. In 2007, Seufert published her first chapbook From Here To There and Back Again – A Commuter’s Journey, a series of poems about her daily commute into NYC. In 2010 she published her second collection of poems, The Memory Keeper’s Promise. She has also been published in A Professional’s Resource (Almagest Services, Kenville, NJ), Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. (Huntington, IN), and VoicesNet Anthology 10. Her essay Determination was a winner in the 7th New Jersey Wordsmith Competition. In the aftermath of 9/11, Seufert created a website, The World Trade Center Journal, which is her collection of writings about the destruction of the Towers and the continuing evolution of Ground Zero. Drawing on the wealth of material this website, in 2004 she published The 9/11 Year, essays and poems written in the year after 9/11.