10 Marketing Tips For Coping With An Uncertain Economy 


With uncertain economic conditions ahead, what can we do to create successful marketing plans in the year to come? I’ve compiled these 10 tips from a number of sources that have come my way since January 1 and whether you run a professional services practice, a business that sells a product or are trying to market yourself for a new job, they can help you formulate your strategy for coping with the months ahead and attaining the marketing results that will help you realize your goals.


1. Go back to the basics

Focus more on what is measurable and can yield quick returns. This includes an increase in marketing tactics such as calling, e-mail, and mail (yes, snail mail! Research has shown that a well done paper piece has more impact than an e-mail “blast”). 


2. Do “value-based” marketing

With the overload in marketing communications, value-based messaging will standout even more than a straight up sales pitch. The messages that are thoughtful, skilled, and value-based not only in their service delivery but also in their marketing content will get the results.


3. Don’t let excuses make your plans fail

Making excuses about the tough economy, giving up by saying what’s the use, only proves Henry Ford's adage correct, "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." In all economic times, some companies will fail, others will succeed. The people who continue to sell and work hard are the people who will bring in new clients, make money, and prosper regardless of the economic conditions.


4. Dip into social media

There were mixed reviews around social media, but so many professionals are using it, that it’s worth a try. It is here to stay, but it will take some sleuthing to find what is best for your marketing space. Read what you can about how to use it then give it a try.


5. Respect marketing

Don’t chop marketing spending in the attempt to save cash. Analyze what has worked and ramp that up. Do research into alternate marketing and PR strategies that cost little or nothing to implement and give them a try.


6. Look at marketing as a revenue generator

Without marketing, you’re basically sitting in a room talking to yourself! You have to get the word out about how great you are and what you can do for a customer. Having a list of marketing strategies to implement, along with a good marketing plan is your roadmap to successfully connect with prospects.


7. Focus on short-term lead generation

While we all know the stats say that most leads are long-term leads, there should be a stronger focus on locating short-term leads and new conversations with prospects who are ready to buy NOW.


8. Be brave and try new tactics

There are hundreds of websites and books out there that deal with what is known as “guerilla” marketing. Look into their suggestions, you never know what works until you try it!


9. Respect your customers

Create your plans from a benefit driven perspective. WIFM (What’s In It For Me) is a strong motivator, so develop all your content with that in mind.


10. Seek out advice

Subscribe to e-newsletters, read business magazines, engage a business or marketing coach, engage a good freelance writer, whatever your budget allows. Get out of your comfort zone and see what is going on out there.


There will always be businesses that need your services or skills. The fruit might be higher up on the tree these days, but the tree isn’t dead! So get that ladder (your positive, can-do attitude) and resolve to believe that in 2009 you will succeed and grow. Just be sure to continue to invest the time, money and energy in marketing, and focus on providing value – in service delivery, marketing messaging, sales, pricing, and every other aspect of your business.


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                                                                               c 2009 Leona M Seufert