Making Every Word Count -

   10 tips to help you create more effective written communications.


Whether you are looking for customers, seeking a job, or communicating with fellow coworkers, creating concise and effective written communications is important in this information overloaded world. You do not have to be a professional writer or even enjoy writing to produce good written communications. Here are 10 tips that will make your writing easier to read and understand. They will also help you get your message across more clearly:


1. Write with your audience in mind – 

Steer away from jargon and acronyms. Speak to the audience’s level and interests. 

2. Use complete sentences

But keep them short!

3. Write in the active voice

The passive voice is impersonal and dull.

4. Write with a positive attitude.


5. Structure your content to the medium

E-mail is informal and should be brief. Website content needs to be broken up in sections and “pages.” Letters and other documents need to follow a tight outline to avoid rambling and useless information.

6. Get to the point

Start out with your main point. Let the reader know, up front, what you are trying to communicate. Use simple, short words. Have one point to a paragraph. Don’t complicate your writing with asides that can detract from your main point. Use bullet points where appropriate.

7. Research your facts

Check quotes and statistics for accuracy. Make sure you are not violating copyright laws. Always ask for permission to quote someone or another piece of writing.

8. Include examples to illustrate and backup your points.


9. Check spelling and grammar

Especially for e-mail!

10. Put it aside for a day or two

This will give you a fresh perspective (and help you catch any errors!). Learn to edit. Spit out your ideas then rewrite. Good writing is really mostly good reworking. 


Writing well does take some effort. But if you follow the above 10 tips, your writing will accurately convey your message. Over time, you will discover that not only has your writing improved, but that you are also expressing yourself more powerfully!