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10 Ways to Avoid
Funding Application Rejection

Applying for funding? Let my report help you submit a “grab your attention” application that is error free!

Download NOW this valuable report on how to avoid having your application rejected!

The old saying goes “First impressions count” and in seeking funding any of a number of minute details done wrong can eliminate your application even though you might have a very worthy program to fund. This report points out the things that can turn the reader away from even looking at your application’s request. It also presents tips on ways to do the proofreading process to insure your application is error free. Along with some tricks you can use to bump up your application’s reader acceptance.

“The first draft of our development funding proposal was a disaster. Leona knew exactly how to rewrite it in order to get the essence of this project crafted into words that would sell it to the reader. We were thus fortunate to be able to obtain funding to start our website development and take the project live.” Janet Goodman – President, Cyberspace International

This report will reveal:

·                   The top 10 reasons your application

        can be rejected

·                   5 helpful proofreading tips

·                   Some other general helpful hints

·                   Resources to help you along in the

        application process

“Submitting grant applications is a big part of meeting our yearly budget. Each year, for 4 years it was Leona’s copyediting skills that helped submit applications that helped us raise over $100,000 to continue producing the theatrical shows our patrons expected from us.” 
Alexi Smidth – VP Development, Music Theatre North

Download NOW this valuable report on how to avoid having your application rejected!

“The devil is in the details, and Leona epitomizes this phrase. Thanks to her keen eye and copyediting skills, she rewrote all of our funding applications helping us to attract the necessary funding for our annual conferences.” Joan Sarkadian – Funding VP, Association for Women in Computing, NYC

“When it comes to words, Leona is a true word wizard. She knows how to take poorly written copy and transform it into an error free message that holds the reader’s attention and gets results.”  
Barbara Wirkus -  Curator & Board member, Les Malamut Art Gallery

To download “10 Ways to Avoid Grant Application Rejection” just click here and put Don’t Get Rejected in the subject line and your name in the body of the message. You will then receive the web url to download the report.

 “We were not achieving our membership goals until we engaged Ms. Seufert to copyedit our outreach letters. She not only provided us with all the right phrases to describe our association’s goals to potential members, but also made sure they were error free.”
D. A.  – Alumni Association, High School of Art & Design