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Areas of Expertise

Corporate Collateral

In writing for corporate collateral, I see myself as a 'Communication Architect'. Using words and concepts, I work with editors and graphic artists to build communication pieces that are powerful, effective, clear and to the point.


A newsletter is an important part of a company's business strategy. It can be used to inform employees or clients on the status of the company's products and services or used as part of a marketing package, sent to potential clients showcasing the company's market knowledge and product/service offerings.

Press Releases

PR individuals have the connections but not always the skills to craft a piece that will really 'sell' your event or showcase your product to the contact in the press. I find it my job to take the 'who, what, when, where, and why' and turn it into intriguing copy that will motivate the recipient into making that further contact.


It is important to a business’ brand to achieve a good impression through error free content. I go over a document, scrub the text and clean up spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I can also review the copy for stylistic consistency and verify basic facts/dates. If more extensive revisions are needed I can rewrite the text to improve flow and reduce jargon or spice up the copy giving it more zing!

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans help a company plan their marketing strategy and keep it on track over time. A well crafted marketing plan covers all the bases as to the what and the who and the when of letting the world know about the business.  

Web site Content

A Web site is not just a recycled collection of corporate collateral. Well written Web site content must be terse and to the point. I take all currently existing written materials and distill them to fit in with the concept of the particular Web site. If no content exists, I do research and create content that adds to the drawing power to the site.

User Guides

User guides are not just for software packages. Employees also need to know how to use process such as help desk response sequences, Sales presentations, and workflow methodology. I always write with the reader in mind, interviewing and at times actually learning how to use what I am writing about!


I love to research new and diverse areas. My articles have appeared in books, magazines, Web sites, newsletters and on corporate intranets. Let me write one about your company!



Overview of Projects

Wellspring of Life Seminars

·         Created seminar materials, press releases and collateral that increased client's outreach and attendance

Patano Interior Design

·         Developed a brochure that increased customer response to service offerings

CustomerFirst Technologies

·         Created Trade show materials that drew in customers and increased sales leads

High School of Art & Design, Alumni Association, NYC

·         Marketing VP for 6 years

·         Developed marketing campaign to promote alumni networking event

·         Contributing editor to Website

Data Exchange

·         Writer for in-house newsletter producing stories that motivated employees.

·         Wrote marketing materials that assisted sales staff in promoting company's software products.

Star Quest, NJ

·         Created a unified collateral identity for this communications firm helping them penetrate new markets.

·         Produced a newsletter that was used as a marketing piece that retained current clients and brought in new clients.

Cyberspace International

·         Content developer for Web site. Achieved funding objectives for a unique Web site through Copyediting of original  proposal.

Association for Women in Computing, NYC Chapter

·         Redesigned their newsletter and wrote articles that informed the membership creating a marketing piece to attract new members.

·         Wrote content for their Web site.

Schering-Plough Research Institute, NJ

·         Wrote on-line user guides for in-house developed software.

·         Promoted in-house software to users.