Big Things Come in Small Packages – 

                   Using e-mail signature files for self-promotion

Want to add another tool to your promotional mix? One that will work for you day after day and be seen by hundreds of individuals? Consider signature files (or sig files), those few lines of contact information that can be placed at the end of your e-mails. Written correctly, they can become a powerful tool for self-promotion. Considering how many e-mails you send out in one day, this can become an ideal vehicle to consistently place your information and marketing message in front of your readers.


The secret to successfully using sig files as a promotional tool is the keep them short and to the point. Here a few tips on creating powerful and memorable sig files:


1. Decide what do you want your sig file to say about you.

Map out what your reader needs to know about your business, what tagline or description is already a part your business collateral and what type of promotion might be appropriate for your reader.


2. Make sure the reader “gets what you do” when you use your company tagline, or a short phrase that describes your company.

If you find the existing tag line doesn’t say it clearly, replace it with a sentence that does.


3. Consider what promotional information you want to put in the sig file.

an offer for a free report or product

an offer for a free consultation or trial offer

a company announcement (new client, new product, award won, etc.)

a hyperlink to your latest press release, article, or Web site feature

an invitation to subscribe to your free e-newsletter


4. Keep your announcement to one or two sentences. 

Make every word count. Write those sentences clearly as if you were constructing an expensive advertisement.


5. Always include:

            your name and title

            company name

            company tagline, or a short phrase that describes what your company does

            contact number: phone or cell phone, and/or pager

            fax number

            e-mail address (sometimes people can't get it directly or quickly from your actual e-mail)

            your Web URL (be sure to include the "'http://" prefix to ensure it will translate as a hyperlink on most

            e-mail programs)  


6. Include your mailing address and/or fax # only if it’s vital to the conducting of your business.


7. Keep the sig file to a maximum of 8 – 9  lines.

You don’t want to overwhelm your reader with too much information.


8. Steer clear of cute quotes, illustrations made up of keyboard characters, or any other information that doesn’t support your marketing message. 

Save them for your personal sig file that you use on e-mails to friends!


9. Use blank space for easy reading. 

Put a blank line between your business information and your e-mail address and before your promotional information.


10. E-mail programs allow you to create multiple sig files. 

Create different messages for different readers!


If you follow the above 10 tips, you not only promote your business but you also put you at your reader’s fingertips and save them time. People will appreciate how easy it is to have all your information close at hand. They will be able to grab your phone number right from the e-mail instead of digging through business cards or a software program. And you if they don’t have your information entered they can now just cut and past it into their contact management program without any extra typing.


I hope that after reading this article, you now realize that this “small” promotional tool can net you BIG business results!
                                                                               c 2008 Leona M Seufert