Words As Gifts


Has gift selection turned into THE major stress of the season? Looking for that special gift but nothing fits the bill? Then try something new: Give the gift of words!

Here are 10 ways words can be used to create unique gifts:


1. Write a poem. Who says poems have to rhyme or that you have to be a poet? Search online for poetry forms for more information. Or take a poem you like and use the format but replace the words with your own. Easiest is to just let the words flow and write a free form poem of your own! The important part is the message it conveys. Then print it on pretty paper, put it in a picture frame, and wrap it up. They don’t sell poems in Macy’s!


2. Write a testimonial. Does your gift recipient provide a business, service or product you love? Write a heartfelt testimonial explaining why that person's product or service is the best. Any business owner will be thrilled to receive your testimonial and post it on his/her web site or office. And what is a testimonial worth? As that credit card commercial says: Priceless


3. Dedicate an entry in your blog or on your website to someone special. People love to be recognized publicly. For a business person, praising what they’ve done for you, for a coworker how they brighten up your day, for a friend how they’ve enriched your life, is the best gift you can give. The possibilities of what to say are endless! And the audience is literally the whole world.


4. Create a special personalized holiday greeting card. With all the scrap booking materials available anyone can create a unique card. Then hand write a personal message inside. Remember, it’s the effort taken along with the message that gives this gift its value. A “Hallmark Moment” you can’t find in the store!


5. Write a thank you letter. Do this in pen not with a computer, on special stationary (or one of those special holiday ones) and snail mail to the person. With our daily overload of e-mails, and junk paper mail, what a pleasant unanticipated surprise will await the person at their mailbox.


6. Write a song or record your spoken feelings on tape or CD.  Or just read a poem that expresses your feelings with music playing in the background. Then wrap up the tape in pretty paper, enclose a short note, and you have the ultimate personalized gift – your voice!


7. Buy a journal or address book and write a personal message in it. Each time they use this book, they can read your message over and over again. Truly the gift that keeps on giving all year long!


8. Make a collage and frame it. Take photos of the recipient and cut out words from a magazine that express your feelings about that person. Then frame it. A one of a kind gift that will make the person feel special.


9. Write sayings on a picture frame mat board. Mat boards are a blank slate. Your words enhance the photo it surrounds, and a pretty frame turns this project not only into a personalized gift but also into an elegant unforgettable one.


10. Write phrases/messages on your gift box. What a surprise for the person unwrapping the gift to find a “hidden” message under the wrapping paper!


When you express your love and gratitude in written words, you immortalize your feelings. Your recipient can read your words and experience your love over and over again. So give the gift of words.


                                                                                                                         © 2008 Leona M Seufert