Meet the Word Wizard







Enchanting readers with words is my specialty. A poet, speaker, and copywriter, I am the Word Wizard solving the problems of the universe with a simple verb or two.


My professional copywriting consultancy, Beyond Words Communications, specializes in adding a touch of magic to written communications. Beyond Words Communications’ goals are to assist business and individuals in communicating more effectively, create branding messages that enchant the reader, and lastly, get the results that YOU desire.


My blog Word Power reveals the magic inherent in words as they make up our language, from quotes that impact your psyche to usage bloopers that make you laugh, to articles that demystify or educate about the use of words in the 21st century.





I have used the magic of words to write 2 poetry chapbooks The Memory Keeper’s Promise - Reflecting on Loss and Remembrance”  and “From Here To There And Back Again, A Commuter’s Journey”  and have a ten year running commentary on the pain and sadness and hope of Ground Zero: “The World Trade Center Journal”


It is words, written or spoken, strung together, correctly or incorrectly, that makes us human! 





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