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“The Best of the Word Wizard’s Writing Tips”

Over 75 tips to help you put some magic into your written communications

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Writing business communications need not be difficult. Wouldn’t you love to have everything you write read by your target audience instead of being tossed into the circular file or deleted! As the Word Wizard, I have written numerous articles on how to put magic into business communications. They are now compiled into a 23 page ebook “The Best of the Word Wizard’s Writing Tips” that contains over 75 tips that will help you will learn how to create great attention grabbing headlines, using power words to get your message across, making your documents reader friendly, writing “success stories” that sell for you 24/7 and more!

Here’s just a partial list of the contents:

·        Creating Business Communications That Beg to Be Read

·        Are Your Documents Reader Friendly?

·        How to Write Success Stories That Sell For You 24/7

·        Writing An Attention Grabbing Professional Biography

·       Big Things Come In Small Packages – e-mail signature files that promote you


“We were not achieving our membership goals until we engaged Ms. Seufert to write our outreach letters. She not only provided us with all the right phrases to describe our association’s goals to potential members, but she also knew  how to create eye catching subject lines that motivated people to open the e-mail.”
D. A.  – Alumni Association, High School of Art & Design

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 “When it comes to words, Leona is a true word wizard. She knows how to take poorly written copy and transform it into an error free message that holds the reader’s attention and gets results.”  
Barbara Wirkus -  Curator & Board member, Les Malamut Art Gallery


To download “The Best of the Word Wizard’s Writing Tips” just click here and put Writing Tips in the subject line and your name in the body of the message. You will then receive the web url to download the report.