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Welcome to Beyond Words Communications. As your Word Wizard, I put a little bit of magic into all of your marketing communications.


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Writing and computer training for Houses of Worship


Enhance the effectiveness of your ministry’s written outreach efforts! You’re serving the Lord through the written word, so make sure your communications engage your reader. Click here to read more.




I’ll make sure that your brochure sells your product or service, that your email newsletter keeps your customers engaged and buying. And that when you ask me to craft a press release, you’ll get one that the media loves and generates buzz about your new product, service or company. 


Because my philosophy is:

“Great marketing begins with great words”!

Business communications that engage the audience and motivate to action don't just happen. Let me help you deliver compelling marketing materials that will create a memorable readership experience and motivate the reader to take the action YOU want. Contact me now: Beyond-Words@att.net
                                                  - Leona, the Word Wizard


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