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    Star Quest – Collateral Creation – Success Story

Star Quest started out as a small 2 person New Jersey communications agency specializing in the technology industry. I was hired as their in house communications specialist when they experienced rapid client growth and expanded to 10 employees plus numerous consultants. The partners realized that in order to retain their current clients, expand further into other target markets, and communicate effectively with their employees and consultants, fresh collateral materials were needed.
I was tasked with developing unified corporate collateral pieces and other external communications that would enhance brand identity, attract new clients, and expand sales prospecting outreach.

There was very little to start with. They had no logo, no brochure, and only minimal copy describing the services offered. My first task was to work with the partners and a graphic designer to create a unified image across all materials. My major roadblock was budget. I was unable to convince them that it would be to their benefit to do the final printing at a professional printer instead of using preprinted templates and the in house inkjet printer. However, given these constraints, I met the challenge by choosing the best quality brochure and business card stock, and creatively enhancing MS Word produced sell sheets with graphics supplied by the designer (who was the in house website designer). 
Focusing in on the content, I believed that writing good benefits driven copy that would promote the company’s services in the best way possible, would enhance the not so professional print quality of the materials. View the brochure

The assembled press packet along with press releases were now ready to enable media contact. This alone resulted in numerous short articles in local newspapers geared to small businesses and/or the technology market. The sell sheets gave the sales force items to leave behind when calling on potential clients. Business cards printed for everyone, were great leave behinds at networking functions. These simple but well written collateral pieces were instrumental in increasing Star Quest’s visibility and market share in the Metropolitan area. Over the ensuing year, many new clients commented that it was one or another piece that had motivated them to contact this specific company and engage us to provide services to them.