Your  Artwork   CAN’T

speak  for itself!


Let the Word Wizard help you create  spellbinding:


à         Press Releases


à         Artist Statements & Bios


à         Promotional Cover Letters


à         Essays About Your Art


à         Website Content 

“When it comes to words, Leona is a true word wizard. She knows how to take information about our artist and transform it into a press release that holds the reader’s attention and gets people wanting to visit the gallery.”  
Barbara Wirkus -  Curator, Les Malamut Art Gallery” (read a press release)

“I love it! You managed to touch upon everything I did in the last 20-25 years so aptly.
It captures the essence of what my artwork is all about.”
Pooja Sen – Fine artist (read her bio)


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This was my first exhibit and I was clueless as to what to write about myself and my art. Leona interviewed me, looked at my work, and wrote a wonderful artist statement for it.”

Norah Scholte – Oil paintings (read the artist statement)


“I’ve always had problems coming up with the right words for an artist statement. I wanted a statement for a very unique exhibit to really reflect my artwork and didn’t want it to be someone else’s words. Leona walked me through what an artist statement should contain, gave me some tips on phrasing after looking at my work, then asked me to write it. Acting as an editor, she refined and polished it so that it really reflected the essence of my work.

Monika Zendak – digital artist (read the artist statement)


Contact me (908) 241-5874 NOW for a FREE consultation on how using the right language can help you sell your art!


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Leona Seufert, the Word Wizard, does promotions for 2 NJ galleries AND is an award winning exhibiting digital artist and curator.