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  CustomerFirst Technologies "Compact CRM" Success Story

CustomerFirst Technologies was a mid-market provider of Customer Relationship Management software. They were planning to showcase their CRM solution for the small business market, Compact CRM®, at TechExpo technology trade show in NYC. Compact CRM was designed to be a bridge between contact management software and customer management software. Targeted for the small to midsize business, it provided functionality that assisted marketing, sales, and customer support.

The challenge was to generate “buzz” for an unreleased software product. This was also CustomerFirst Technologies’ first trade show and they needed materials to promote their appearance at the show, to hand out in their booth, and at their seminar.

The team assigned to this client consisted of one of Voltaic’s creative directors and a graphics person, myself the writer, the client’s software developer, and the president. Together we were tasked with creating a suite of materials that would not only describe the benefits of this software package but also give it a bit of excitement in a market where promotional copy had turned tired and dull.

In the brainstorming sessions, the software developer showed us a brochure he had picked up at another trade show. With great zeal he said this would really catch attention. On the cover was not that company’s logo but an elephant. It’s theme of “largeness” was carried out in the copy within. The Voltaic team scratched our heads as to how this connected with the product, however CustomerFirst’s president felt we needed an “angle” and this might have possibilities. 

I asked to look at their packaging for Compact CRM and noticed that the product CD in its jewel box was placed in a very small cardboard container. The package graphics were plain and to the point. My first thought was how nice all that functionality in that tiny package. That was when I suggested the tagline “Big things come in small packages”. It was a big release in that software space, it was a small footprint piece of software that did a lot of what the “big” guys do, and it came in a smaller than average package. The tagline was a hit. And it fit with the elephant planted on the cover of a small brochure.

Working with the team I used this tagline as the center around which to write my copy. We proceeded to develop the brochure on glossy paper with short and to the point copy, used it as the headline in the press release, reduced the elephant graphic and placed that and the tagline prominately on booth flyer materials, and created a banner to hang in the booth that said “Can big things come in small packages? Stop in and find out!” 

“Compact CRM, is indeed a small package that helps businesses accomplish big things. This campaign and its clever tagline not only generated buzz at the trade show but clearly got our message across. Our first trade show was a huge success and we have the Voltaic team to thank for that” commented Arnold Luger, president, CustomerFirst Techonologies.

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